Equine Practitioner Training Clinics

These clinics are open to anyone wishing to become an Equine Tellington TTouch Practitioner.  You must have handling experience with horses to be eligible for a place on the clinic, but you do not need to be working professionally with horses to attend.  This pre-requisite is for safety reasons and we cannot accept anyone who is not used to being around horses.  If you are in any doubt about your eligibility please contact the office.  You do not need to have prior knowledge of TTouch and you are welcome to join us if you would simply like to learn more about the work but do not want to go on to become a TTouch Practitioner. 

Participants on the Equine Practitioner Training Programme come from a wide range of backgrounds. They include veterinary nurses, riding instructors, re-homing centre staff, and horse owners and lovers.  The majority of participants on the clinic are horse owners that are experiencing behavioural or health problems with their horses and those that want to learn kind and respectful handling techniques for all equines including donkeys.

The clinics are very hands on with a variety of practical sessions, demonstrations and discussions. You will learn TTouch body work, TTouch groundwork, handling and riding techniques to help horses improve performance and over come problems such as trailer loading issues, gait irregularities, spooking, rushing, saddling issues, and so on.