TTouch Around the World

TTouch is used around the world and training clinics are taught in many different countries.  You are not restricted to the courses here in the UK if you wish to become a Practitioner and all participants on the training programmes are given a Record of Training booklet enabling you to keep a record of where you have studied.

Many overseas students benefit from the unique experience of the clinics at Tilley Farm and we welcome any one from any training programme provided they can speak English as we do not have any interpreters on our courses.

Not every clinic abroad is taught in English and some countries do not offer an on-going programme so not every clinic is open to students who have started their training elsewhere. Please check with the organiser prior to booking onto a course if you want to attend a clinic in another country. 

For information on clinics abroad please visit the US website at or visit the links page for the International offices.