Private Sessions

If you would like help with an animal please contact your nearest Practitioner.  Every Practitioner listed on the Guild is qualified to work with clients on a one to one basis and many travel outside their listed area.  Some may require that you visit them so please be prepared to travel if necessary.

The skill level of the individual Practitioner depends on the qualification achieved and some Practitioners may be more confident than others when working with specific problems such as dog to dog issues, reactivity towards people or trailer loading troubles.  Please talk through the problems you are experiencing with your animal with the Practitioner who will be able to advise you on the best course of action.  This may mean that they refer you to someone with more specialised experience in some instances who may be further afield.

One to one sessions offer real value for money and are designed with the animals individual needs in mind. The initial approach will therefore vary depending on the animal and the issue; for example if your dog cannot be touched by strangers, or your horse panics when someone unknown to them enters the stable you may be talked through the necessary skills as a starting point to help lower his stress levels.  The aim is to work below the threshold at which the animal has to react and this slowly, slowly approach is key to helping animals move beyond their habitual and often fear based responses.

Regardless of the problem you will be taught some useful techniques that you can continue to implement between the sessions enabling you to become an integral part of the solution.  The number of sessions required will vary depending on many factors but many owners and handlers find that one session may be enough for them to be able to help the animals in their care.

Many of our Companion Animal Practitioners are dog trainers and/or behaviour counsellors, and we have Equine Practitioners who are also riding instructors. Some have additional skills such as physiotherapy. If you are contacting a Practitioner to help with an animal that is suffering ill health or gait irregularities please contact your vet for a thorough health check and ask for a referral/consent if appropriate before consulting a Practitioner.

Participants on the Practitioner Training Clinic are required to submit case histories as part of the requirements for achieving Practitioner status.   If you are interested in your animal being a case history for one of our trainee Practitioners please email this office with the details.  We will let you know whether or not someone in your area is looking for case history clients.

Practitioners in training who are working on case histories are not allowed to charge for their work.

Every Practitioner listed on the Guild has been through the training programme here at Tilley Farm.  They have attended a minimum of the required training clinics and/or modules and are continuously updating their skills.  It is not compulsory for our Practitioners to join the Guild until they reach Practitioner Level 2 and above and some choose to work word of mouth or advertise locally.  Unfortunately due to the increasing popularity of the work some people use the name TTouch to gain clients when they are not qualified or entitled to do so.  The majority of unqualified people remove the name when asked but occasionally some refuse or go unnoticed.  If you would like to validate the qualifications of anyone offering TTouch in your area please contact this office.  We do not want you to waste your money or put your animal at risk.