TTouch for Dogs

TTouch recognises an inextricable link between posture and behaviour.  Observations are key to helping owners and carers understand their dog(s) on whole new level and the combination of TTouch body work, ground work and specialist equipment such as the Balance Lead, TTouch Harness and Body Wraps provide anyone working/living with or handling dogs valuable tools for change. 

         TT Dog1


Holly was in a re-homing shelter. Note the stress lines around her muzzle and across the top of the head

Coat changes often appear where there is underlying tension in the body and the appearance of the ears and tail can give you vital information about muscle development through the neck, back and hindquarters.  The way a dog moves will usually have a direct influence on how he responds to stimulus and physical, mental and emotional balance cannot be separated

Tension in the neck and back is common in dogs that are reactive to other dogs and strangers and the gentle body work TTouch techniques help to release tight muscles and create a sense of calm. Dogs that are timid often have cold extremities and the gentle Lifts and Slides improve circulation and give the dog increased confidence as a result. For dogs that are nervous about direct hand contact, fake hands or wands (long dressage schooling sticks) may be used and ground work can be a valuable starting point for dogs that cannot tolerate touch. Sessions should be short with plenty of breaks to enable to the dog to process the information and it is often in the breaks that most changes occur.


Removing the slip lead and using a harness with two points of connection released tension from her neck and the gentle Ear Slides helped her to settle in a matter of minutes

                                          TT Dogs2

Contact with the back of the hand is often less threatening to a nervous dog and is an ideal way of teaching children how to interact with the family pet.  This also prevents them from patting or leaning on the dog which can be threatening for many animals.

All behaviours are linked and as TTouch helps to improve physical balance and well being it can have an immediate and often profound effect on behaviour and mood.  There is much clinical evidence that shows that when tension in the body is reduced all associated behaviours begin to diminish and often disappear.  TTouch helps dogs become more confident, more focused, calmer, less reactive, quieter and easier to train. With TTouch, dogs learn to learn.

TTouch is beneficial for all dogs regardless of their age or breed and can be used in conjunction with appropriate veterinary care to help dogs overcome a variety of health concerns.

Many of the UK’s top re-homing centres and smaller shelters use TTouch to reduce kennel stress, improve behaviour and increase a dogs chances of finding a new home. It is also used with assistance dogs, sniffer dogs, competition dogs, working dogs, show dogs, and of course the family friend.