At Home

The techniques of the Tellington TTouch can be used by anyone and for any situation.

Whilst TTouch is a training and handling system for all animals in its own right incorporating even a few of the body TTouches, using some of the equipment such as the Balance Leash, body wraps or Thundershirt, or including some of the simple ground work exercises into the day to day care of your animal can make a difference to you and your companion.

TTouch has been used by animal owners to help rabbits overcome handling issues or when threatened by hand movement in their hutch, for dogs that are noise sensitive, horses that find it hard to stand still for the farrier or move off too quickly at the mount block, cats that hide or scratch, animals that dislike being groomed, bad travellers, grumpy snakes, picky eaters and any animal that is recovering from surgery or ill health.

The applications for TTouch are endless and booking a one to one session with your local Practitioner, attending a talk or demonstration or joining a workshop will have far reaching benefits for you and the animals that share your life.

Gaining hands on experience is second to none. Many people are amazed at how gentle the TTouches are and how even minor adaptations in the way they handle or approach their animal can have a profound, positive and lasting effect on their pets.
Many clients seeking assistance need only consult with a Practitioner once although some animals of course will require further support. Your Practitioner will teach you some practical skills that you can use at home enabling you to become a proactive part of the resolution for any issues your animal may have.

TTouch is rewarding for both the giver and the receiver and can deepen the bond between you.  It is a unique way of connecting with all species and is not only used in cases of injury or unwanted behaviour. Owners learn to see their pet with new eyes and enjoy working with their animal in this kind and respectful way. 

If you are unable to gain hands on experience you can still try the Tellington TTouch at home. We regularly receive emails from people who have experimented with TTouch techniques that they have seen on television or learnt from a book and all are astounded by the changes they see in their pet.

Feedback from a viewer of Animal Rescue Live (BBC1) filmed at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home

Great programme. As I work I taped it each day to watch in the evening.

Very interested in Sarah Fisher & the Tellington TTouch with dogs. I have a rescued border collie. A wonderful animal but so excited. Have lots of space & she always runs free, comes to call instantly but I cannot make a fuss of her as she turns herself inside out! She then rolls over & then jumps up. Not good.

So on hearing of Sarah’s work I tried it. Having wonderful results - she just sits & looks at me while I do the movements. So will carry on each day.

Many thanks