The Tellington TTouch is a unique method of working with all animal species.   It uses simple body movements (TTouches) to improve circulation, proprioception and co-ordination and to enhance general health.  Where appropriate, ground exercises may be used in combination with the TTouches to restore function in both chronic and acute conditions.  TTouch can also reduce the risk of injury and ill health by lowering stress levels and teaching the animal to use his body more effectively.  It helps the animal move into a more balanced emotional, mental and physical state and thus can aid recovery and improve the quality of life.

TTouch techniques are beneficial for promoting an overall sense of wellbeing and calm. It blends well with many other modalities such as acupuncture and physiotherapy and TTouch has been used in conjunction with veterinary care to help animals overcome many physical problems associated with illness and old age such as hip dysplasia, spondylosis, cruciate ligament problems, digestive disturbances, arthritis and general poor health.  

It has proved to be a vital tool in post operative care and is used widely around the world by animal trainers, chartered physiotherapists, animal owners, carers, veterinarians and veterinary nurses.   Tom Beckett, a veterinarian based in the US describes the Tellington TTouch in the following way:

'When pain or impaired nerve or muscle function disable a part of the body, TTouch induces the animal to activate any available alternate neuromuscular pathways to restore function. The awareness it brings often relieves associated pain.  Injuries often leave a holding pattern of pain and impaired function in the injured area.   This pattern persists below awareness long after healing is complete, blocks aware use of that body part and thereby creates stress on distant areas, which must overwork to compensate.  Such chronic distress effects general health, ‘mood’ and behaviour. TTouch uses TTouches to bring these patterns to awareness, and (ground) exercises, which guide the organisation of more healthful, balanced movement.'

The Tellington TTouch enables you  to help your pet, and allows you to become involved in the recovery process in a way that is as unique as the bond between you and the animal in your care.  It helps to create a deeper connection between you and your pet and gives you a greater awareness and understanding of your animal companion. It is not necessary to adopt the whole philosophy of the Tellington TTouch to make a difference to your pet.  By learning some of the TTouches you can help your pet overcome a variety of problems, and as many unwanted behavioural issues arise from discomfort, stress, pain and ill health, harmony can be restored to the animal on all levels. 

The Tellington TTouch supports both the animal and the carer.  It is a non-invasive approach to animal management and has literally saved lives through simple and highly effective techniques that owners and carers can learn without any prior knowledge.  

TTouch is not just for the animal presenting symptoms of poor health.   By incorporating some of these incredible techniques into our daily lives we can help minimise the debilitating effects of stress and work towards keeping our pets free from injury and disease.

Whilst of benefit for animals suffering from illness, injury and old age, TTouch is not a replacement for appropriate veterinary care and should never be used as such. If you suspect your animal has a medical condition you should contact your vet immediately.


Feedback from a client whose dog had unexplained back problems and whose behaviour had changed as a result

I really felt so positive when we left Tilley Farm as I had seen just a little bit of the 'old' K showing through by the end of the session. Even my husband had noticed the spring she had in her step and the fact that towards the end she was wagging her tail more than she had done in a long while. 

The first unusual thing I noticed was that on Thursday evening she was laying in what we call the 'squashed frog' position, with her back legs spread out to the side.  I must admit that I did a bit of a double take when I saw that as she used to do it a lot but hasn't done it for at least 2 years.  I wondered if it was just coincidence but then I saw her do it again on Friday.

On Friday I also noticed something I hadn't expected.  K has always wound herself up when I go to get the collars and leads for a walk and would run back and forth, squeaking like mad.  However on Friday she sat quietly and calmly for me to put her collar on and has been the same every day since.

Monday’s discovery was that she was becoming more relaxed in the ears.  The base of her ears where they join her head had been very and angular. That really hard angular ridge has ridge has now gone, the whole area is much softer, the leather floppier and she was reluctant at first to have her head and ears touched, but she is now much happier.

Her eyes haven't been 'out on stalks' since we were with you last week and they have gone from the gobstoppers they had become, back to the almond shape that they should be and best of all, they don't have the fear in them now.  There is much less tension throughout the whole of her body and I can feel when I touch her that she is much softer all over. I hadn't realised before that that firmness she had was all tension.

She is far less worried about her rear end being touched and I can even put her in a show stand and gently support her tail and she doesn't immediately clamp her tail tight down as she used to.  Today a friend came to see us and although K loves her she would only rarely let her touch her back end.

As K lay on her lap my friend stroked her and then did circles and she was able to work away all over K's back end, around the base of the tail and down the tail and if she was worried, she really didn't show it.  In fact she went off to sleep.

Some people might wonder why I am so excited about these small changes but to me they are great leaps and the really good bit is to see K looking much happier and more relaxed than she has done in ages, thanks to you and TTouch!